An Aspen Elopement for Wayne and Rachell

By Maureen Thomson | Aspen Elopement

Aug 14
the bride and groom on their wedding day in Aspen Colorado

Wayne and Rachell initially contacted me about eloping in Telluride. When we began to process the options, however, it was clear they liked Maroon Bells in Aspen as their venue.

I'm somewhat reluctant to advise couples to get married at Maroon Bells. It's notoriously fickle in terms of weather--the rest of Aspen can be basking in sunshine while Maroon Bells remains socked in with snow. And when it is glorious up at the Bells, everyone and their brother goes up there to have a look, walk around, take photos, gape at the mountain view, etc.

This can lead to a less than optimal personal experience for a couple's wedding day!

I generally try to steer couples to lesser-known sites that we've discovered in our travels throughout Colorado. But hey--if someone loves Maroon Bells, I'm not gonna talk them out of it. Plus, early June is usually a good time for elopements there--it's pre-tourist season a  d(usually!) post-snow.

eloping in Aspen

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Well...yeah....ahem...about that snow. You just never know how fickle Mother Nature is going to be at 10,000 feet. We started watching the weather and snow cover for these two somewhere around a month before the wedding. Every day we checked and every day there seemed to be MORE snow on the horizon. Finally we got the word from the Maroon Bells folks--no wedding happening here until mid-June.

Okay--on to Plan B. Wayne and Rachell were amazing in trusting us to relocate them to an equally gorgeous location with a backdrop similar to Maroon Bells but at a slightly lower elevation to make it more accessible.

After that, everything went according to plan. Check out the photos of their amazing day.

First...the processional. Because even tiny weddings sometimes need a grand entrance.

Judging by the look on Wayne's face as Rachell came toward him, it was all worth it.

married in Aspen Colorado

You just don't get this kind of relaxed and fun vibe at a wedding with 100 guests. Bare feet, wine and friends by a gorgeous Rocky Mountain stream---it doesn't get any better.

Why did you choose an intimate wedding?
We chose an intimate wedding for a few reasons.The Number one reason, we wanted to go somewhere breathtaking and personal to us.somewhere we will always remember and always look back with joy. We didn't want a stressful traditional wedding. We wanted something for us.

What made you select the location you did?
We chose Colorado because its one of our favorite places in the while world for us. The beauty and weather are just amazing during the months we were looking to get Married. Aspen was a place we both wanted to visit but have never had the chance. So we went all out and did it there.

What words best describe your wedding day?
Our wedding day was so easy and more beautiful than we ever could have imagined. There was no stress and we got to really enjoy the entire moment knowing everything is taken care of.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
Our favorite part, besides the obvious (saying our vows) i believe was how the photographer was able to find the picture perfect setting and a diamond in an already breathtaking area. The setting was to die for. A perfect personal place, just for us.

Did you face any challenges in eloping?
I can't think of one thing that didn't go as planned. The communication and weather, placement, photography, ceremony. Everything was perfect.

What was the best thing about having an intimate wedding?
The best thing about us choosing an intimate wedding was the stress free environment and the chance to have a magazine backdrop wedding. It was such a personal atmosphere. It made us feel the connection to each other with out the worries of big fancy weddings and lots of people with timelines.

Any advice for other couples planning to elope?
If you're thinking about eloping, don't fear going against the traditional grain of what everyone tells you that you have to do. Focus on what's important to you and spend your money there.--not on what everyone else thinks you should do. It's your day, Make it intimate and special.

We both were blown away at the care taken and all the work done behind the scenes to make it a truly memorable experience. it was effortless to us and looked as if months of hard planning was done. It was, but it wasn't at our expense. We literally just had to show up and enjoy. It was perfect.

.The whole experience was so much better than i thought it would be. Having people who know the ins and outs, the laws, the areas. It really takes all the stress out. There isn't anything we would've or could've done better.

Services included in Rachell and Wayne's Aspen Elopement Package

Location Consulting
Bridal Hair and Makeup


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