California and Colorado Elopements

Elopement Wedding Hair & Makeup Services

Every gal wants to look pretty on her wedding day–whether that day is before 200 guests or just between the two of you. The expert stylists that provide our elopement wedding hair and makeup services know exactly how to make you look fabulous without making you look overdone or artificial. Our stylists specialize in looks that enhance your natural look. Elopements are all about ease and natural beauty!

Plus there is just something so soothing about having someone else pamper you. What better day to indulge a little?

Hair & Makeup Services Included in Our Elopement Packages

Our bridal hair and makeup services vary a little bit from region to region, but overall, it includes light styling, makeup application in your choice of style (e.g. dramatic, elegant, natural-look, etc.) and lash application. If you have extremely long hair and/or request a complicated style, the stylist may charge a bit more.

Depending on location and price, our stylists either come to you at your hotel, or wherever is most convenient for you or you would go to their salon for your services. (We’ll help you figure out which option is best when you book our services.). Brides should allow two hours for your hair and makeup services, so plan accordingly.

Our stylists welcome photos of the look you are imagining, so download those Pinterest photos and bring them along!

Our Hair and Makeup Stylists Work with all Brides

We are often asked if our stylists are experienced in working with women of color. The answer is a resounding yes!

Check out our bridal hair and makeup gallery below for inspiration.

San Francisco elopement wedding bridal hair and makeup

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