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Elope in Breckenridge

Outdoor-loving couples elope in Breckenridge for mountains, alpine lakes, sun, waterfalls, the quaint downtown area and of course our fabulous ski slopes. Only 90 minutes from Denver, the options for easy-to-access, yet off-the-beaten-path elopement venues, great dining options, the vast array of things to do and the recreational opportunities are unrivaled.

couple eloping in Colorado

Places to elope in Breckenridge include alpine lakes, waterfalls, wildflower-blanketed meadows, and of course the fabulous views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

Blue Sky Elopements has been offering all-inclusive elopement packages in Breckenridge since 2002. We specialize in outdoor elopements at sites that are a bit lesser known, so therefore give you more privacy for your Breckenridge elopement. Tell us your vision and we’ll handle all the details for your Breckenridge elopement. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the day. We don’t want to simply exceed your expectations; our intention is to blow you away with our attentive service, location options and the quality of our photography.

Read on for more specifics of how we can help you to have the perfect-for-you Breckenridge elopement. Or, if you want to dive right in, request a custom quote.

Our Breckenridge Elopement Packages:

Blue Sky Elopements elopement packages in Breckenridge provide the following:

  • A mountain elopement in a breathtaking and secluded Breckenridge outdoor location.
  • The absolute best professional elopement wedding photography.
  • Hands-on coordination and planning oversight from start to finish.
  • Bridal hair and makeup services from our Breckenridge-based stylists.
  • Gorgeous full sized bouquets and boutonnieres.
  • All of your wedding services bundled into one all-inclusive package. You pay us one fee (and sign one contract). We’ll pay all your vendors for you.
  • Referrals for any other services that we don’t provide directly. (E.g. transportation, catering/restaurants, cakes, pet care, childcare, etc.)
  • We’ll also obtain any needed permits should the site you choose require one.
  • Liability insurance (required by some sites before they will issue a permit).
couple eloping in Colorado

A Breckenridge elopement will offer you unrivaled backdrops of the Rocky Mountains.

Things you won’t have to stress over:
  • All the ridiculous details inherent in a big wed-a-palooza.
  • Spending months planning an elopement in Breckenridge on your own.
  • Inexperienced wedding vendors.
  • Being disappointed with your wedding photos.
  • The uncertainty of trying to plan a long distance wedding by yourself.
  • Being the center of attention in front of 200 people on your wedding day.

Want to learn more about eloping in Breckenridge?

If you’re ready for more info, request a custom quote.

We’re husband and wife team Maureen Thomson & Jeremy Myers and we love elopement weddings. (We had one ourselves!) We and our crew of talented Breckenridge elopement wedding professionals have been putting together elopements in Breckenridge filled with laughter and happy tears since 2002.

eloping in Breckenridge in winter

Eloping in Breckenridge in winter is a magical experience.

Why couples choose to elope in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is by far the most popular place to elope in Colorado. Its amenities rival those of Vail, Telluride, or Crested Butte, yet it’s a much shorter drive from the Metro Denver area or from Denver International Airport. In addition to its geographic desirability, couples come to Breckenridge to elope for the following reasons:

Secluded mountain sites to elope in Breckenridge are everywhere.
  • …if you know where to look. Breckenridge has plentiful options for secluded, out of the way (but still easily accessible) places to elope that offer killer mountain views.
  • We are based in Breckenridge and know the trails, mountaintops, valleys, waterfalls and hidden gem, picturesque sites of the area like no one else. (Poking around the mountainsides of Breckenridge is basically what we do in our spare time!) and will point you in the the direction of the best places to elope in Breckenridge.
It’s easy to get a marriage license in Breckenridge.
  • The Summit County Clerk and Recorder’s office is conveniently located right in downtown Breckenridge for you to easily obtain your Colorado marriage license. And, like the rest of Colorado, marriage licenses in Breckenridge are valid as soon as you obtain one (i.e. there is no waiting period); they only cost $30 and you don’t need witnesses.
There is so much to do in Breckenridge.
  • For winter elopements, the resorts here offer world-class skiing and snowboarding.You might be interested in our Elope on the Slopes elopement package for Breckenridge if you are a diehard ski fan. We also offer half- and full-day snowmobile adventure elopements in Breckenridge in the winter.
  • With a year-round population of just under 5,000 people and countless other folks who come to Breckenridge as tourists, the town affords guests many options for dining, lodging and entertainment. If you’re planning to combine your Breckenridge elopement together with your honeymoon, you won’t be at a loss for things to do while you’re here. In fact, your biggest challenge will be fitting it all in!
  • Unlike other recreational area and ski resort towns in Colorado, Breckenridge is a true four-season venue for your Colorado elopement. So, its restaurants and hotels are open 12 months of the year. They do not shut down for what’s known as “shoulder season.” Breckenridge is gorgeous at any time of year–offering pristine snow-covered mountain vistas in winter and spring, wildflower-filled meadows in early summer, and glorious yellow-gold aspens in fall.

Family elopement at Sapphire Point

Here’s an insider tip that you may not have heard about eloping in Breckenridge

If you’re thinking of eloping at Sapphire Point Overlook in Breckenridge, be advised that we do not always recommend that location. You should know that it is crowded more often than not, and odds are you won’t get the secluded feeling you’re after unless you plan your wedding there for off-peak times of the year. A Sapphire Point elopement will not be a stress free affair unless you’re okay with lots of strangers hovering about when you’re exchanging your vows! We are locally based and can give you insider knowledge about spectacular, lesser-known and less-mobbed elopement sites in Breckenridge.

As of May, 2024, the Dillon Ranger District (which governs elopements at Sapphire Point and issues permits) has implemented substantial restrictions for Sapphire Point weddings. Read our article on Sapphire Point here for details. Consequently, most important thing to know is that you will only be allowed two parking spaces at Sapphire Point on your wedding day. Not quite sure how that’s going to work if you have an officiant, a photographer and the two of you! We can recommend a shuttle service if you like.

Also, Summit County has really cracked down on parking on Swan Mountain Road. Since the parking lot at Sapphire Point is most often full, that leaves no options for overflow parking unless you want to be ticketed or towed. Bottom line on getting married at Sapphire Point Overlook is that it’s gorgeous, but extremely crowded. And parking is a nightmare.

If you would like a general idea of our services and pricing, visit our pricing page. Alternatively, if you want pricing for you specific needs, request a custom quote.

Questions we get about our Breckenridge elopement packages

How far in advance do we need to book?
  • For the most part, couples book our services between 3 and 18 months prior to their date. We can do it in less time, but that tends to rush the process, and we’d prefer that this be a relaxing experience for you from start to finish.
Do you give us a list of vendors to choose from?
  • No, that’s not how we work. Couples book us for their Breckenridge elopement because they don’t want the hassle of vetting and interviewing individual vendors on their own. They trust us to do all that for them and assign their vendors accordingly. We’ve been offering elopement packages in Breckenridge since 2002 and we’ve whittled down our vendor list to the best of the best. Bear in mind, we don’t have a lengthy list of vendors from which to choose. We’re more about quality over quantity. We have two primary photographers that cover the Breckenridge area, one preferred florist and hair/makeup stylist and a handful of professional officiants. Every one of them will exceed your expectations. We promise!
What’s included in your Breckenridge elopement packages?
  • Each package is custom tailored for our couples. At minimum, your services will include location consulting, photography, officiating and full coordination. If you want, you can add flowers and bridal hair and makeup. If you want more services (such as transportation, cakes, dining referrals, etc.), we will refer you to our trusted sources for those items.
Can I bring my own photographer?
  • No. We can’t guarantee the quality of your photos if you’re not working with one of our experienced Breckenridge elopement photographers.
Can I bring my own officiant, or can we self-solemnize our wedding?
  • You can, but there are some downsides to doing that of which you may not be aware. Consequently, we’ll tell you the pros and cons of doing this and then you can decide what you want to do. Self-solemnizing in Colorado generally works best if it’s just the two of you without guests.
Do you offer Breckenridge adventure elopements?
  • Yes we do. Our husband and wife photographer/officiant team in Breckenridge can take you out for snowmobile adventures, hike-in sites, snowshoe elopements, rock-climbing excursions, and our elope on the slopes. Tell us what you’re envisioning and we’ll make it happen for you.
Eloping couple on a snowmobile in Breckenridge

We offer adventure elopements in Breckenridge.

More Breckenridge Elopement Inspiration

What's included in Blue Sky's Breckenridge Elopement Packages

Our packages include anything you want that's elopement wedding-related. Our most popular Breckenridge elopement packages include photography, officiating, flowers, and bridal hair and makeup services (click below for info on each separate service), but we also assist with finding restaurants, transportation, childcare, pet-sitting, recreational activities as well as helping you set up unique ceremony environments (hot air balloons, hiking weddings, snowmobiling adventure elopements, etc.) Just ask!

And every Blue Sky Breckenridge elopement package includes your very own personal coordinator who will be your go-to-person every step of the way.

We'd love to hear more about what you're envisioning for your Breckenridge elopement, so please contact us and share your thoughts. And if you're not sure what to think about eloping, that's okay--we know what questions to ask!

Colorado Elopement Photographers

Colorado elopement photography.

Officiating Services

Professional wedding officiants performing ceremonies that reflect your personal love story.


Full-size wedding bouquets & boutonnieres in your choice of flowers and colors.

Hair & Makeup

Our professional stylists will come to you to ensure you look your absolute best.

Location Consulting

A Blue Sky Elopements exclusive! All the support & resources you need to confidently choose a venue.

Wedding Coordination

Your personal coordinator will work with you to oversee all the details of your wedding day.

All wedding packages include full coordination services. You’ll be assigned your own wedding coordinator who will serve as your go to person from start to finish.

Guides to help you plan your Breckenridge elopement

Scroll through our free Breckenridge elopement resources below. We designed them to help make planning your intimate wedding seamless and stress-free.

How to Plan an Elopement

The definitive guide to planning an elopement. Professional insider tips you won't find anywhere else.

Mountain Elopements

The definitive guide to eloping in the mountains. Everything you need to know to plan your mountain elopement.

Getting married should be easy

Ditch the drama! Focus on each other, instead of getting twitterpated about bridesmaids dresses, seating charts and a million other details that have nothing to do with your relationship.

Interested in eloping to Breckenridge in winter?

Of course we offer outdoor Breckenridge elopements year-round! With over 300 days of sunshine per year and the beauty of our snow-capped Rocky Mountains, how could we not? Click the box for more info on our winter elopement weddings.

Colorado Winter Elopements

Colorado’s snow-capped Rocky Mountains offer a stunning backdrop for your intimate winter elopement.

Elope on the Slopes in Colorado

Capture your elopement with wedding officiants & photographers that ski!

Getting married should be easy

Ditch the drama! Focus on each other, instead of getting twitterpated about bridesmaids dresses, seating charts and a million other details that have nothing to do with your relationship.

Ready to get started? Let's chat.

Want more info?

Why choose us for your Breckenridge elopement?

We know you have many providers to choose from when it comes to putting together your Breckenridge elopement. This is especially true since the Covid pandemic made elopements and micro-weddings trendy. 😊 More and more wedding vendors that previously focused on big weddings have now turned their attention to eloping couples. There are so many options out there that it's understandable why so many couples feel overwhelmed.

We've specialized in elopements since 2002--long before intimate weddings became the new hot thing. But just because we're experienced in the art of the small wedding, that doesn't mean we're the right fit for every couple. Couples that gravitate toward Blue Sky Elopements are usually busy professionals (with or without kids) and they simply don't have time to handle all the details that come with planning a wedding--regardless of how small.

Our couples generally want to convey their vision to us and then have us make it happen--with their input, of course, but not to the extent that we're running a million and one questions by them incessantly. They want to feel confident that no detail will be overlooked, that they will end up with the absolute best wedding photos and that we'll provide them with local guidance on the most secluded places to elope in the Breckenridge area.

We call this our three pillars of service

1. Maureen and Jeremy have spent years scoping out gorgeous outdoor venues in Breckenridge. Colorado has been Blue Sky Elopement's home base since 2002. Maureen and Jeremy actually eloped in Colorado themselves in 2007. Avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, Maureen and Jeremy have explored every nook and cranny of Summit County so that we can offer couples the most secluded and stunningly beautiful places to elope. We don't list the names of our venues on our website in an effort to keep them undiscovered and therefore give you the most privacy for your Breckenridge elopement wedding experience.

2. Our Colorado elopement photography is unrivaled. Blue Sky Elopements co-owner, Jeremy Myers personally oversees the vetting, hiring and supervising of all Blue Sky Elopements photographers. With over 35 years of professional photography experience and an obsession for technique, artistry, creativity and the technical aspects of wedding photography (no kidding--Jeremy reads Photoshop manuals for fun!), Jeremy will meticulously review every one of your photographs before you ever see them--just in case there is any further enhancement or tweaking that needs to be done. Your fully edited, high-resolution images will be delivered to you in an online gallery within 30 days of your wedding. You also have full usage rights to your images; there is no watermark on them.

3. Every couple that books a Breckenridge elopement package with Blue Sky Elopements is assigned a personal coordinator to be their advocate and go-to resource for everything elopement-wedding-related from start to finish. At Blue Sky Elopements, we leave nothing to chance. We've been doing this since 2002, so your elopement isn't our first rodeo! We know what questions to ask to help you avoid pitfalls that otherwise wouldn't even occur to you. Your coordinator will be your guide from the minute you contract with us all the way through "I do,". You’ll never feel lost; all questions will be answered, all ideas discussed, and you'll have unlimited phone, text and email communication throughout the planning process.

Work only with the Best Professionals

No need to spend hours (days!) looking for quality wedding pros that specialize in intimate weddings. We'll give you access to our network of hand-picked wedding professionals who are passionate about elopement weddings and deliver the highest quality services.

Eliminate Stress

Your personal elopement wedding coordinator will coordinate all the details of your elopement package and serve as your go-to person right up to the day of your wedding. We'll bring your wedding vision to life; all you'll need to do is show up and enjoy.

Secluded Venues

We'll help you find the perfect-for-you place to elope. We've uncovered spectacular, but lesser-known outdoor sites and put together a list of our favorite outdoor elopement venues complete with descriptions, photos, videos and permit requirements. We include this as part of every package.

Free Consultation

We offer a free, no-strings phone consultation with Blue Sky Elopements owner, Maureen Thomson to get a feel for what you're envisioning for your elopement wedding, answer your questions and explain how we can help make your wedding vision a reality.