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Colorado Elopement Photography Services

We’re wildly excited that you’re thinking about eloping in Colorado. If you’re like most eloping couples, you want photos of your Colorado elopement that capture both your personality as a couple as well as the stunning mountain backdrops of the Rocky Mountains. We’ve got that covered with our group of talented, experienced Colorado elopement photographers that specialize in true just-the-two-of-you elopements as well as micro-weddings of up to 30 guests.

Our Colorado elopement photographers will capture your personalities in your photos.

We’re a select group of Colorado elopement photographers that offer our services as part of Blue Sky Elopements’ elopement wedding packages. Our photo specialty is intimate elopement weddings in gorgeous outdoor locations throughout Colorado.

Our elopement photography style

Most eloping couples don’t like being the center of attention and they sure as heck don’t want to be manipulated into stiff poses that look awkward and contrived. We’re all about helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera (even if you think that’s not possible! 😊) and encouraging you to fully immerse yourselves in each other and the experience of the day. We’ll take it from there!

The ceremony itself lends itself to a fairly traditional photography style, and family photos do tend to be a bit more posed. It’s those just-the-two-of-you images that you’ll treasure the most, so we go the extra mile to make sure you’re relaxed and allowing the moment to unfold naturally during that portion of the photoshoot.

Additionally, we incorporate sweeping landscape backgrounds into your wedding photos. You’re most likely eloping in Colorado for the glorious mountain views! We’ll make sure your photos reflect that.

Color-wise, we aim for natural colors as opposed to super-saturated hues that (in our opinion) look artificial and don’t do justice to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. We don’t think Mother Nature needs any Photoshopped enhancement!

We also think it’s very important to listen to what you actually say you want in terms of your wedding images. And yes, we can include some black and white photos if you like. The Rocky Mountains look particularly majestic when photographed in black and white. Take a look at our photo gallery below and see if our style resonates with you.

What it takes to be a Blue Sky Colorado elopement photographer

Blue Sky co-owner and professional photographer Jeremy Myers puts his 30+ years of photography experience to work when recruiting our Colorado photographers. Requirements to work as a Blue Sky Elopements photographer include:

  • a minimum of 5 years full-time professional wedding photography experience in Colorado.
  • submission of an extensive portfolio of past work for review.
  • a substantial number of 5-star online reviews.
  • in-depth personal interviews with Maureen & Jeremy.

Timing is everything when it comes to getting the perfect shot of the sun setting over the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Once a photographer comes on board, they must agree to the following:
  • to adhere to our strict guidelines in processing & editing images. No one’s gonna go rogue on your wedding day!
  • to attend a 2-hour orientation with Blue Sky owner and photographer, Jeremy Myers.
  • to submit all images from their Blue Sky Elopements bookings to Jeremy for review and approval before delivering them to our couples.
  • to deliver edited, hi-resolution images to our couples within 30 days.
  • to accept ongoing evaluation & feedback on their work.

After your wedding, Jeremy reviews every image before you ever set eyes on them. Quality control of our images is something we take very seriously. There is no room for error or a learning curve on someone’s wedding day!

For further review, every couple for whom we provide services is asked to submit an evaluation of their photography services after they receive their images. That ensures that our photographers receive feedback about how they’re doing.

What differentiates us from other Colorado elopement photographers

Providing photos that you’ll be excited about and proud to share is one of the three pillars on which Blue Sky Elopements bases our services (the other two being personal assistance with finding secluded venues and our comprehensive hands-on coordination services).

There are a few things that we may do differently than other Colorado elopement photographers:

  • Our photographers are part of a team that provides your entire Colorado elopement experience. You won’t have to search on your own for your other vendors. In addition to our photographers, we also have experienced and professional officiants, videographers, florists, hair and makeup providers as well as wedding coordinators to handle all the details of your wedding under one umbrella. You won’t need to do any of the research and legwork of finding vendors on your own. Blue Sky Elopements will handle everything for you.
  • All Blue Sky Colorado elopement photographers are required to have supplemental lighting available to use on your wedding day. While auxiliary lighting is not always needed, it’s a wonderful enhancement on cloudy days, just after sunset, or if your wedding is held in a wooded, shady site where natural light is limited. Backlit shots give a wonderful warm hue to your photos.
  • In addition to being experienced and proficient in the technical aspects of photographing elopements, Blue Sky Elopements photographers must also have warm and engaging personalities that put couples at ease. Our aim is that you forget the photographer is even there and just immerse yourselves in one another and the experience. We’ll take care of documenting the memories in images that you’ll treasure for years.
  • We are a group of locally based Colorado elopement photographers. Every Blue Sky photographer is required to have extensive firsthand knowledge of your wedding site so they can take full advantage of all the gorgeous backdrops that each site offers. They’re going to know about all the hidden gems of each of our venues–nuances that photographers who are not locally based won’t be aware of. That makes a huge difference when it comes to giving you those one-in-a-million Rocky Mountain elopement photos.

We promise the photos you receive from us will make your heart sing whenever you look at them. No exceptions. No compromises. No “close but no cigar.” We’re pretty obsessed with providing you unrivaled photography!

Our Our Colorado elopement photographers will capture stunning mountain backdrops.

How many photos will you receive?

That’s difficult to predict. Factors that affect the number of photos you’ll end up with include: your choice of venue (if there is a lot of time spent walking from place to place at the site, that’s going to reduce your image count unless you add extra coverage time), whether or not the photographer uses lights (setting up a shot with lighting takes a few extra minutes), the weather and time of year also come into play–as does how relaxed you in front of the camera.

Generally speaking, we aim for upwards of 125 images for a 90-minute shoot and it goes up from there. Our focus is on providing quality and variety of images over quantity. We imagine you don’t want 18 images of the groom’s boutonniere! We’ve never had a couple complain that they didn’t get enough pictures of their wedding day, so if that is a concern for you, you don’t have to worry. We’ll shoot enough to fully tell your wedding-day story and of course, if you’re seeking a particular shot, don’t hesitate to tell your photographer. If you want additional photography time, let us know in advance.

And if you’re unsure about how much photography time to include in your elopement package, read our article on How Much Photography Time Do I Need for an Elopement? for advice.

Our other Colorado elopement wedding professionals

Experienced officiants, full sized fresh flower bouquets/boutonnieres from local florists, and in-demand hair and makeup stylists complete our team of premium service providers. You should never have to compromise on quality simply because your wedding is small.

Next Steps

We’d love to hear more about what you’re envisioning for your Colorado elopement photography. If you’d like general pricing info, please visit our pricing page. Or, if you want to jump right in, send us an email with a few details and we’ll send over a custom proposal.

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