California and Colorado Elopements

When you want the romance, but not the fanfare

Not every couple wants an over the top wed-a-palooza. I’m Maureen Thomson and my photographer-husband, Jeremy and I offer all inclusive outdoor elopement packages in the two states that we love the most – California and Colorado. (We spent part of every year in each state, so we’re considered locals in both!) We got started in the wedding business (Jeremy as a photographer and Maureen as an officiant and planner) in 2002 so we’ve been doing this long before elopements became the “in” thing. Our own elopement was in December of 2007.

Outdoor Elopements with Breathtaking Backdrops

Our specialty is offering lesser-known and more secluded outdoor elopement sites in California and Colorado. We are locally based in both states and have spent countless hours searching out lesser-known, more secluded outdoor sites where our couples can exchange intimate vows and have knock-your-socks-off photography to document their special day.

Is Eloping Right For You?

Elopements have become a huge wedding trend since 2020. Couples are fed up with shelling out $30K+ for a one-day party, and many couples simply don’t like the idea of being the center of attention in front of a huge crowd for what they consider an intimate moment in their lives. But just because, it’s trendy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for the two of you.

Does this sound like the two of you?

  • You want a simple, small wedding in a gorgeous, secluded outdoor location–and you don’t know where to start.
  • Stunning photography is a top priority.
  • The prospect of spending endless hours online researching wedding vendors and playing phone tag makes you want to…ummm…well… hurl.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of planning a long distance wedding, however small.
  • You want the same high-quality services that you’d get if you were planning a traditional (a.k.a. “big”) wedding.
  • You want a professional wedding planner to listen to your wedding vision and then make it happen for you.
  • You’re more comfortable working with a professional who is a locally-based small business with firsthand knowledge of the area.

Then Let’s Talk!

What Blue Sky Elopements offers

Going small for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to lower your expectations. An elopement is still a “real” wedding! And we’ve dedicated our lives to offering eloping couples the same high-quality wedding services that are available to couples having big weddings (no kidding–we work… like… all the time…we’re pretty passionate about this elopement thing!)

  • We pre-screen the best local photographers, officiants, florists, and hair and makeup artists, and package their services under one umbrella for an all-inclusive elopement package.
  • We scout out the hidden gem elopement venues that no one else knows about.
  • Our photography is designed to tell your wedding day story naturally and to showcase your personalities as well as the breathtaking mountain, forest or ocean backdrop where you choose to elope.
  • You’ll be assigned a personal coordinator who will be your go-to person from the day you book your elopement package until the day you get married. They handle all the details and will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • We are a family-owned, small business and you’ll always have instant access to Blue Sky owners Maureen and Jeremy if you have questions or concerns.

California Elopements

Eloping outdoors in California is all about the coast and the redwood forest. We offer California elopement packages in the following areas:

We’ll give you all the info you need to choose the best redwood or coastal site for your California elopement, bundle all of your professional services into one all-inclusive elopement package. We’ll also take care of procuring any needed venue permits and provide you with a personal coordinator to make sure your wedding day and the weeks leading up to it are stress-free and relaxed.

Colorado Elopements

In Colorado, our elopement weddings are all about the Rocky Mountains. Maureen and Jeremy have personally scouted secluded places to elope in Colorado that feature stunning mountain backdrops in the following areas:

Choose one of our lesser-known or private stunning mountain sites to have your Colorado elopement. We’ll help you navigate the ins and outs of eloping in Colorado, obtain any needed venue permits, connect you with topnotch wedding vendors (which you’ll book through us under one umbrella) and your personal coordinator will be with you from start to finish to guarantee you a stress-free elopement wedding experience.

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Colorado elopement in the aspens
Redwood elopement in California
California Elopement on the beach

Two brides eloping in Colorado

Colorado elopement in winter


From San Francisco to Big Sur, we offer elopement packages with ocean, city, garden or wooded views that will take your breath away!


Colorado is an idyllic place to elope for couples who want an outdoor intimate wedding with a gorgeous mountain backdrop.

Getting married should be easy.

Ditch the drama! Focus on each other, instead of getting twitterpated about bridesmaids dresses, seating charts and a million other details that have nothing to do with your relationship.

Blue Sky Elopement Packages for California and Colorado

We specialize in providing topnotch wedding professionals and outstanding hands-on coordination services for elopements (up to 30 guests) in secluded locations with breathtaking natural backdrops.

We’ll custom design an all-inclusive elopement package that includes any of the following services (and more—just tell us what you want).

Photography Services

Stunning professional elopement wedding photography to capture your special day.

Officiating Services

Professional wedding officiants performing ceremonies that reflect your personal love story.


Full-size wedding bouquets & boutonnieres in your choice of flowers and colors.

Hair & Makeup

Our professional stylists will come to you to ensure you look your absolute best.

Location Consulting

A Blue Sky Elopements exclusive! All the support & resources you need to confidently choose a venue.

Wedding Coordination

Your personal coordinator will work with you to oversee all the details of your wedding day.

All wedding packages include full coordination services. You’ll be assigned your own wedding coordinator who will serve as your go to person from start to finish.

Ready to get started? Let's chat!

Why book an all-inclusive elopement package with us?

Sure, you can do it on your own

...but planning a wedding--even a small one--from a distance can be a daunting task--especially if you have other things on your plate (like a job, family commitments, your relationship know... having a life!).

We are locally-based elopement and wedding specialists

We've been putting together creative, fun and memorable elopements since 2002 (yes, even before the pandemic made eloping the new black!). We focus exclusively on weddings with fewer than 30 guests and we work tirelessly to scope out breathtakingly stunning outdoor locations that you won't find offered anywhere else. Blue Sky Elopements owners Jeremy Myers and Maureen Thomson are avid travel and outdoor enthusiasts and when we add a new area to our list of places where we offer elopement packages, we actually go and spend a minimum of two months living, working and scouting locations in the area. We'll never refer you to a site that we haven't personally set eyes on. We also spend a minimum of two to four weeks per year in each of our service areas so we can ensure our info is up to date on all of the elopement venues we recommend.

Our elopement wedding vendors are the best in the business

When it comes time to put together your elopement package, we offer only the finest, hand-picked wedding professionals to provide services for your elopement. We don't believe going small means you need to settle for subpar vendors (or those who are working elopements simply as a way to work their way up to more lucrative "big" weddings). Our wedding vendors must demonstrate a level of expertise that is head and shoulders above the rest and have a minimum of five years experience in their field.

Our hands-on coordination services

We top everything off with our signature coordination services which mean you are assigned your own go-to person who oversees the process, implements your wishes and makes sure your wedding vision is brought to reality. And we leave nothing to chance! We know you don't know what you don't know when it comes to planning an elopement and we'll be there to make sure you don't inadvertently stumble along the way.

We'd love to hear more about what you're thinking for your elopement in California or Colorado

Contact us to learn more, request a custom quote or just to brainstorm ideas.

All wedding packages include full coordination services. You’ll be assigned your own wedding coordinator who will serve as your go to person from start to finish.