California and Colorado Elopements

Want to elope at the last minute? No problem.

You have the spontaneous idea to elope on your upcoming vacation to Colorado or California in a few weeks. Or you’ve procrastinated, and now pulling things together on short notice doesn’t feel doable. Or maybe you just want to get it done, but you want something more special than a courthouse wedding. Is a last-minute wedding even possible?

How much advance notice do we need to plan an elopement wedding?

last minute elopement in Colorado

We can pull of a fabulous, stress-free elopement in as little as three weeks.

We prefer a minimum of 10 weeks to pull off a stress-free elopement wedding. However, with a few tweaks, we can give you everything you want for your elopement in as little as 3 weeks time.

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What’s Included in Blue Sky’s Last-Minute Elopements?

  • A professional wedding officiant
  • Choice of one of our pre-written ceremony scripts
  • Assistance with obtaining your marriage license
  • 2 hours of photography
  • High-resolution, fully edited photos delivered online within 30 days of your wedding
  • A free or low-cost outdoor wedding venue (choose from mountains and lakes in Colorado or coastal and redwoods in California)
  • Our in-house personal coordinator, who will handle all the details for you
  • A detailed day-of-wedding timeline to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience
  • Unlimited phone, text, and email contact with your coordinator and your vendors
  • Up to 10 guests
  • Post-ceremony dining referrals


$2,950 – excluding any needed venue permits. Our sites in Colorado do not require paid permits. Permits for our California sites range from $0 to $350.
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last minute elopement in California

No time? No problem! We’ve got this.

Optional add ons
  • Full-sized Bouquet/boutonniere ($360)
  • Bridal hair and makeup at your lodging ($375)
  • Additional photography time in a second location ($275 per 30-minute increment)

Who is Eligible for Last-Minute Elopements?

Because of the tighter time frame, there are fewer bells and whistles in our short-notice elopement packages.

  • We provide you with select venue options from which to choose. Typically, for our last-minute elopements, we’ll offer you three venue options that don’t require a permit. This allows you to choose a site faster so we can get going with the work of planning your wedding.
  • Last-minute elopements are offered for the couple and up to a maximum of 10 guests.
  • No chairs, arches, chuppahs, etc. for our last-minute bookings.
  • No customizing of our pre-written ceremony scripts (unless you want to insert your own vows–that’s fine).
  • Our last-minute elopements are available from Monday through Thursday. No weekends or holidays.
  • No extra flowers or additional women for hair and makeup. We’re trying to keep things as simple as possible.
  • Short-notice elopements are offered in select areas. (Denver and Breckenridge for Colorado. Santa Cruz and Big Sur/Carmel for California)

How Our Last-Minute Elopements Work

We offer short-notice elopement packages for California and Colorado. And you won’t have to make any huge concessions to have us plan your elopement in three weeks or less. We provide you with the exact same services that our couples who give us more advance notice receive. We simply do it with fewer options and more efficiency.

Here’s how it works
    • Complete our inquiry form. Be sure to put your desired date or dates on the form.
    • I’ll send over a custom proposal for you to review.
    • Set up a call with me ASAP on my online calendar.
    • We’ll have the call and I’ll answer all your questions.
    • You’ll choose your site from our list of short-notice venues.
    • Tell me what you wanted included in your package and I’ll give you a final price and send over a contract and an invoice.
    • Once you submit your contract and payment, we’ll assign your vendors and Heather (our in-house coordinator) will handle all the details from there.
    • Heather will have a call with you a week or so before the wedding to make sure you’re good to go.
    • After the call, she’ll create and send a detailed day-of-wedding timeline to you and all your vendors. She’ll email it it to you along with detailed directions on how to get to your ceremony site.
    • On the morning of your wedding, she’ll check in with your vendors for one final good to go confirmation. Then she’ll send you a text letting you know all vendors have checked in.
    • Show up at the ceremony site at the agreed-upon time and your officiant and photographer will take it from there.

Cost of a Last Minute Elopement

$2,950 – excluding any needed venue permits. Our sites in Colorado do not require paid permits. Permits for our California sites range from $0 to $350.

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