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California and Colorado Elopements

Location Consulting

How Do We Help You Choose the Perfect-For-You Elopement Venue?

We’ll provide you with the information you need so you can fully explore your elopement ceremony venue options. Many eloping couples plan their intimate wedding from afar. While half the fun of eloping is the travel, having your wedding in an area that you’re not familiar with can present some unique challenges–particularly when it comes to choosing the venue where you’ll have your ceremony. Pretty tough to do when you can’t just have a look for yourself!

Standard in every elopement package is list of our personally-researched ceremony venues (We’ve actually visited every site and scoped them out for you), along with detailed descriptions of each site, photos, videos, and any permit/reservation information. Our venue info sheets also include weather stats and nearby suggestions for both lodging and dining. We’ll work with you to sift through the options until you’re ready to choose the perfect-for-you wedding site.

You’re free to choose a venue that’s not on our list, but our list is pretty comprehensive and will save you a ton of research time. More important, our venues tend to be ones that you would not discover on your own.

Things you might want to cover with your location consulting time:

  • An overview of site options in a particular region
  • Permit requirements
  • Our hands-on impressions of the site
  • Policies/Regulations of the site* Which site gives you the most privacy* What weather factors, if any, will impact the site selection
  • A comparison of two or more sites based on criteria that you select
  • Site logistics. Is there enough parking?
  • Is it handicapped accessible? And what about bathrooms?
  • What’s the closest site to your hotel?
  • Indoor backup location ideas
Choosing an Elopement Site Requires Careful Consideration

The site you choose can set the tone for your entire elopement wedding experience. That beach in the photo might be horribly windy much of the time. That beautiful mountain overlook might require a permit for even a two-person wedding. That breathtaking redwood grove you found on the Internet might not give you enough light to get decent pictures. We may have some insider knowledge on how to get around the “required” permit fees of some sites.

You can do the research yourself–and our list of suggested location options is a great place to get started on that. But if you want us to help you in the process, just let us know. We’d be more than happy to consult with you until you have enough info to confidently choose your location.

One hour of location assistance services is included in your package (unless you already have your venue lined up when you contact us and don’t require that service). During that time, we’ll provide you with any help and advice you need–along with lodging and restaurant referrals if you want them–so that you can make an informed choice about where you want to be married. If you need more time than that (most couples don’t), we can add additional location consulting time to your package for a nominal fee.

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