California and Colorado Elopements

Location Consulting

Let us show you our Hidden Gem venues.

The Challenge of Finding Secluded Elopement Venues

Most eloping couples plan their elopement from afar. Having your wedding in an area that you’re not familiar with can present some unique challenges–particularly when it comes to the ceremony venue. Pretty tough to do when you can’t just have a look for yourself!

The natural beauty of the areas we serve in California, Colorado, and Washington state makes them popular tourist destinations. And tourist destinations tend to attract … you know … tourists! You’re probably in no mood to be gawked at by hordes of strangers while you’re pledging your lives to one another. (That pretty much takes the “intimate” out of “elopement.”)

The Best Outdoor Places to Elope are a well-kept Secret

If you’ve done some online research, you’ve undoubtedly uncovered the well-known sites where couples go to elope. (Not our couples, you understand… we’re referring to those other unfortunate couples who didn’t have the foresight to book with us!) Those sites are… ummmmm… how do I say this tactfully? … Those sites are CRAP! (OMG, did I just say “crap” in front of a prospective client?? Sorry, but sometimes, that’s the only word that applies.) To be clear, the sites themselves aren’t crap. The actual sites are gorgeous. But they’re crowded. You’ll be side-stepping screaming kids, barking dogs and people taking selfies.

Ugh…that’s crap. Not on our watch. (And yes, I’m done saying “crap” now.)

We’re avid outdoor lovers ourselves so we’ve thoroughly uncovered lesser-known, accessible, private venues with breathtaking scenic beauty. You can be married in a natural “cathedral” created by Mother Nature without unwelcome spectators. We maintain the seclusion of our sites by not disclosing them publicly. You’ll be presented with all the great venue options once you book a package with us.

How we Help you Choose your Venue

We compile the following on every venue:

We’ve got insider knowledge on the most private places to elope.

  • Detailed description of the site
  • Our hands-on impressions of the site
  • Photos from all angles
  • Video of us walking the site
  • Policies/Regulations of the site
  • Permit costs
  • Site logistics (parking, accessibility, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Weather stats
  • Nearby lodging, restaurants and things to do

We’ll work with you to sift through the options until you’re ready to choose the perfect-for-you wedding site. We’ll also advise you which sites not to choose.

You’re free to choose a venue that’s not on our list (as long as it’s in our general service area), but our list is pretty comprehensive and will save you a ton of research time.

Choosing an Elopement Site Requires Careful Consideration

The site you choose can set the tone for your entire elopement wedding experience. That beach in the photo might be horribly windy much of the time. That beautiful mountain overlook might require a permit for even a two-person wedding. That breathtaking redwood grove you found on the Internet might not give you enough light to get decent pictures. We’ll also have some insider knowledge on permit fees and whether or not they’ll be required for a given site.

Bottom line advice on looking for a place to elope in California or Colorado: don’t go where everyone else goes and save yourself the crazy-making by having us do the research for you.

Ready to find the perfect-for you elopement site?