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Gorgeous photography is a top priority for eloping couples. When you elope, photos are the only way that your family and friends back home get to experience your wedding. You want the pictures to showcase the stunning natural backdrop of your venue and capture the essence of who you are as a couple. Our photographers make that look easy, but they are relying on years of experience and training.

Putting you at ease so we capture intimate wedding-day moments while ensuring that your images turn out technically accurate is an art form that only a select few can master. These are the type of photographers that make up our team.

Don’t compromise on photo quality just because you’re eloping.

How We Select our Photographers

Blue Sky co-owner and professional photographer Jeremy Myers puts his 30+ years of photo shooting, editing and training to work when recruiting photographers. Requirements to work with us include:

  • a minimum of 5 years full-time professional shooting experience
  • submission of an extensive portfolio of past work for review
  • a substantial number of 5-star online reviews
  • participation in in-depth personal interviews with Maureen & Jeremy

Once a photographer comes on board, they must agree to the following:

  • to adhere to our strict guidelines in processing & editing images
  • to attend a 2-hour training with Blue Sky owner and photographer, Jeremy Myers
  • to submit all images from their Blue Sky Elopements bookings to Jeremy for review and approval
  • to deliver edited, hi-resolution images to our couples within 30 days
  • to accept ongoing evaluation & feedback on their work

After your wedding, Jeremy reviews every image before you ever see them. Quality control of our photographs is something we take very seriously. There is no room for error or a learning curve on someone’s wedding day!

All wedding photography is not created equal!

For further review, every couple for whom we provide services is asked to submit an evaluation of their photography services after they receive their images. That ensures that our photographers receive feedback about how they’re doing.

Photography Services Included in our Elopement Packages

The baseline photography offering includes 90 minutes of shooting in one location (10-15 minutes of that hour is the ceremony itself). All of your fully edited, high-resolution images are given to you with full usage rights (i.e. they are yours to do with as you please; no watermark is placed on them). Photos are provided to you in an online gallery.

How our Elopement Photography is Different

Providing photos that you’ll be excited about and proud to share is one of the three pillars on which we base our services (the other two being personal assistance with finding secluded venues and our comprehensive hands-on coordination services)

We promise the photos you receive from us will make your heart sing whenever you look at them. No exceptions. No compromises. No “close but no cigar.” We’re fully committed to providing you with topnotch elopement wedding photography! In addition to the above must-haves for our photographers, it bears noting that we also compensate them commensurate to their talent and experience. There’s a reason we charge more than cut-rate, bottom dollar elopement package providers–it’s reflected in the quality of our vendors, venues and services.

How Many Photos?

We’re often asked how many photos are included. It’s tough to put a number on, but we aim for 100-125 for a one-hour shoot and it goes up from there. We’ve never had a couple complain that they didn’t get enough pictures of their wedding day, so if that is a concern for you, you don’t have to worry. We’ll shoot enough to fully capture your wedding-day story and of course, if you’re seeking a particular shot, don’t hesitate to tell your photographer. If you want additional photography time, let us know. If you’re unsure of how much photography time to add to your elopement package, read this helpful article for tips and advice.

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Experienced officiants, full sized fresh flower bouquets/boutonnieres from local florists, in-demand hair and makeup stylists and no detail is too small coordination services complete our team of premium service providers. You should never have to compromise on quality simply because your wedding is small.

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