Adding Around Town Photos to your Elopement Package

Eloping on a cable car in San Francisco

What are “around town” photos and why would you add them to your elopement photography?

Around town photos are images captured by your elopement photographer that showcase the unique characteristics of the area where you’ve chosen to elope. Many eloping couples choose to have their ceremony in outdoor locations with breathtaking scenic backdrops. But after you get the prerequisite photos of the two of you getting married at sunset, walking hand in hand along the shore or in the mountains, and doing your first dance outside and barefoot, how else do you document the day in photos? (I’m exaggerating, of course. There are many more photo options, but you get my drift. The more varied the backdrop, the more unique and memorable your photos will be.)

Capturing the flair of the unique surroundings of the town where you’ve chosen to elope can add interest and dimension to your wedding photos.

Areas We Serve that Lend Themselves to Around-town Photography in California

The obvious city that comes to mind is San Francisco. With its unique architecture, sweeping views of the Bay, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the Painted Ladies, Ghirardelli Square and their world-renowned cable cars, you could easily spend an entire day flitting about the city, soaking up all kinds of local flavor.

Golden Gate Bridge elopement

Many of our couples that elope in San Francisco have their ceremonies in the local redwoods, on the beach or at San Francisco City Hall, then spend another couple of hours touring this magnificent city with our photographer to capture all the local flavor that San Francisco has to offer.

Other California Iconic Locations for Wedding Photos

San Francisco is not the only city in California that offers a wide assortment of fun, local backdrops. Consider Santa Cruz, with its boardwalk, unique ice cream shops and the train from the Roaring Camp Railroad.

Eloping at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk


Santa Cruz Boardwalk elopement

Big Sur has the Bixby Bridge, the pink sands of Pfeiffer Beach and the quintessential cliffs overlooking the Pacific.

Wedding photos at Bixby Bridge

And don’t overlook the quaint downtown areas of smaller cities and towns. Carmel, Saratoga and Cannery Row in Monterey all offer great in-town backdrops for your California elopement photos.

Areas We Serve that Lend Themselves to Around-town Photography in Colorado

While it doesn’t offer an ocean backdrop, Colorado cities and towns have no shortage of great places for post-ceremony photos.

Colorado elopement photography at Cheesman Park

Downtown Denver has great architecture and metro-area parks that extend fabulous opportunities for varied elopement wedding photos. And close to Denver, small towns like Golden and Morrison have an old-western vibe that make for delightful Colorado-themed photos. Red Rocks Park also offers dramatic backdrops.

Elopement wedding at Red Rocks, Colorado

Couple eloping at Red Rocks Park, Colorado

Photo Opportunities in Colorado Mountain Towns

Cities and towns in the Colorado High Country shine when it comes to offering the quintessential western backdrop for your wedding photos.


Breck is our most popular area for Colorado elopements. But the town offers far more than alpine lakes and mountain vistas. Downtown Breckenridge offers cool Victorian-inspired shops, an alpine garden, covered bridges, and tons of sculptures scattered throughout.

Photos at lodging after Breckenridge elopement

Newlyweds with sculpture of bear in BreckenridgeNewlyweds crossing the street in Breckenridge


Telluride does not disappoint when it comes to gorgeous backdrops for your post-ceremony photos. In addition to an in-town walking path along the river, it offers old-time Western frontier type architecture and a gondola ride going up to the top of the mountain.

Telluride post-ceremony eloping photography

eloping slopeside - Telluride

Telluride elopement - two brides kissingNewlyweds in the street - Telluride elopement


Within its pedestrian-friendly village, Vail offers covered bridges, alpine gardens, Gore Creek and a number of whimsical sculptures and storefronts for your wedding photos.

Elopement photo - Vail Covered Bridge

Newlyweds in town Vail

Newlyweds downtown Vail

Other ideas for post-ceremony pictures

You’re not limited to places to serve as your backdrop for whimsical and different day-of-wedding photographs. Consider incorporating your interests and hobbies into your wedding day story.

Like Jeeps (road tripping):

Bride on a jeep

Road tripping license plate


Eloping couple on an antique coach (elope in Colorado)


Bride and groom on a motorcycle in Colorado

Wine tasting

Brides drinking wine

Mountain biking

Eloping couple on a mountain bike

Or your pets

Bride with dogs | Elope in Vail

In summary

The sky’s the limit when it comes to post-ceremony photos. If you’re short of ideas, talk to us. This isn’t our first elopement photography rodeo (we’ve been doing this since 2002) so we can run some ideas by you. We can also advise you on how much extra time will be needed to accommodate your various backdrops. The idea is that we get to tell your story in photos, and the more we include things that interest you or that are particular to the town where you’re getting married, the better we can tell that story.