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California and Colorado Elopements

Elopement Wedding Photography Services

Our Elopement Photographers

We love our photographers and we’re confident that you will love them and their work as well. We only accept professionals into our program–Uncle Phil who is great with a point & shoot won’t cut it. And our elopement photographers have to be as committed to perfecting the art of the small wedding as we are.

We pre-screen each photographer’s portfolio and we also develop a personal relationship with each elopement photographer. This helps us to best communicate what it is our couples are seeking in their wedding photos. And every couple for whom we provide a package is asked to submit an evaluation of their photographer after they receive their photos. That ensures that our photographers receive feedback about how they’re doing.

Photography Services Included in our Elopement Packages

The baseline photography offering includes one hour of shooting in one location (10-15 minutes of that hour is the ceremony itself). All of your fully edited, high-resolution images are given to you with full usage rights (i.e. they are yours to do with as you please; no watermark is placed on them). Photos are provided to you in an online gallery or on a flash drive.

How our Elopement Photography is Different

Bear in mind that most elopement packages that offer rock-bottom prices do not include the actual images. In other words, you’re paying a minimal fee for the photographer’s time, but the images remain the property of the photographer. You will have to pay to order each photo that you want and the photographer retains the copyright to your photos. That’s going to get pretty pricey! When you compare elopement apples to apples, that “bargain” elopement package that includes photographs might turn out to not be such a bargain at all!

Our Elopement Packages include all of your fully edited, high resolution images for you to do with as you wish. Print ’em, frame ’em, stick ’em up on Pinterest and Facebook, make a 12-month calendar of them if you want. They’re yours. In photographer terms, that’s referred to as giving you “full usage rights.”

How Many Photos?

We’re often asked how many photos are included. It’s tough to put a number on, but it can range from 75 to 200 depending on circumstances and opportunities. We’ve never had a couple complain that they didn’t get enough pictures of their wedding day, so if that is a concern for you, you don’t have to worry. We’ll shoot enough to fully capture your wedding-day story and of course, if you’re seeking a particular shot, don’t hesitate to tell your photographer.

Additional Photography Time & Services

The majority of our eloping couples feel the baseline photography offering meets their needs, but if you want up to two additional hours of photography, we’d be happy to add that to your package.

Our elopement packages include all of your fully edited, high-resolution photos for you to do with as you wish.

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