Elopement hits main stream media

We just love this article posted by ABC News titled Stressed-out Americans Embrace Elopement. Here are some of the highlights:

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  • Although it’s tough to quantify, a growing number of Americans are having elopement-style weddings.
  • The term “elopement” doesn’t have the same connotation that it used to. Remember the old black and whit TV shows where the guy put a ladder against the gal’s bedroom window and then they spirited off to the justice of the peace–waking him and his wife up? (How come no one ever eloped during the day back then? You’d think it would have been much easier to sneak off from work than to scurry down a ladder in the dark of night!) The JP was always bleary-eyed and the wife/witness always had curlers in her hair!Not so much anymore. Nor is Vegas the only elopement option open to couples. Many states have easy-to-navigate marriage license requirements that allow couples to obtain a license and get married quickly and with a minimum of fuss.
  • Nowadays, elopements (sometimes called called destination weddings) can be out of town or in-town, with or without family present, can be done in secret or not-so-secret; spontaneous and pre-planned. Bottom line is–it’s kind of hard to elope “wrong!”
  • The four most common reasons cited for eloping?  Money, Time, Stress, and Shifting Attitudes.
  • Elopement packages are all the most popular way to book an elopement wedding.

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