California and Colorado Elopements

Do I need witnesses? Will you provide them if I do?

California requires at least one witness and our photographer can serve in that role for you. Colorado does not require witnesses. Washington requires two witnesses. If you don't have any guests, our photographer can serve in that role and we will supply on additional witness.

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Speaking of marriage licenses, how do I get one? Do you take care of that?

Marriage licenses are legal documents--just like a passport or driver's license--so you need to appear at the local county office and apply for a marriage license in person. We have all the state-specific info you need to make sure you're legally hitched. You need a marriage license from the state…

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Do I need to be a resident of the state in which I plan to be married?

You do not need to be a resident of any of the states in which we perform weddings. That's why they call them destination weddings! In fact, you don't even need to be an American citizen. As long as you are in the country legally and have the appropriate documentation,…

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