An Intimate Wedding at the John Denver Memorial in Pacific Grove

By Maureen Thomson | California Beach Wedding

Feb 16
john denver memorial intimate wedding

Dennis and Suzanne have been together for seventeen years. With their precious daughter by their side (who, we must point out, stood throughout the entire ceremony beaming!) and another daughter on the way, they opted to tie the knot at the John Denver Memorial in Pacific Grove on their 17th anniversary as a couple.

As they explained: "having an intimate wedding was important to both of us. We got married on our 17th Anniversary, expecting our second daughter and we wanted it to be about creating our little family. Something our oldest could be a really special part of."

cermeony with guests at John Denver Memorial in Pacific Grove

I confess I did little to help Dennis and Suzanne determine their venue of what's informally known around Pacific Grove as "John Denver Beach." They'd stumbled across it on their own a full five years before their wedding day and tucked it away in their memory banks as a fine spot for a future wedding.

A small plaque marks the beach that is the closest point on land to where John Denver's plane went into the ocean in 1997. The beach is quiet and serene and mostly visited only by locals--a perfect backdrop for this couple's personalities! The plaque reads: 

So welcome the wind and the wisdom she offers,
follow her summons when she calls again. In your heart and your spirit,
let the breezes surround you. 
Lift up your voice then and sing with the wind.

ceremony among family
exchange of rings
first kiss
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father and daughter
mother and daughter
happy family
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What words best describe your wedding day?

Love, Commitment, Intimate, Emotional, Blessed.

flower girl

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Suzanne fielded this one, "Looking into my husband's eyes and realizing that after 17 years of love and happiness, I was his wife. There was something so truly blissful about taking our vows, and saying out loud the promises that we had made to each other throughout the years silently."

the three of us!
so much in love!

What was the best thing about having an intimate wedding?

"It's peaceful. And easy. Our wedding was truly about the lifetime of love that we have shared and will continue to share. Always."

Suzanne's flowers atop the memorial
the whole gang
beach wedding

Words of praise for Blue Sky Elopements

"Maureen made everything so easy. Dennis planned it all out and all I had to do was pick flowers and find a dress. It was everything I could have ever wanted."

Congrats, Mom
hand in hand


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