California and Colorado Elopements

Elopement Wedding Liability Insurance


We want to make sure you’re protected against unexpected problems.

Most venues–both public and private–require proof of liability insurance. The insurance protects the venue owners from potential damage costs, as well as reduces the venue’s liability if someone gets injured at your wedding. The policy must name the venue as insured in case anything goes wrong for you and your guests during the wedding. This could be anything like:

  • A guest trips and falls on venue property.
  • You or your guests cause damage to venue property
  • A venue employee gets hurt during the wedding

Why do venues require this insurance?

While venues also have their own liability policies, they want to ensure that couples provide coverage on their end. If you were to book a venue on your own, you’d need to obtain this insurance privately. These policies generally run about $100 – $125. However, when you book an elopement package with Blue Sky, we already have that insurance in place–with the venue named as an insured. Therefore, you can avoid the cost and hassle of applying for one of these policies on your own.

Blue Sky Elopements Insurance Coverage Limits

Our policy insures up to one million dollars in total coverage and $100,000 in venue property damages.

This is NOT Wedding Cancellation Insurance

Please do not confuse our liability insurance coverage with wedding event insurance that provides reimbursement if your wedding is cancelled or postponed. That’s a whole different type of coverage that you would book on your own.

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