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A professionally made highlight video of your elopement wedding day creates a tangible and treasured memory. It also makes a great gift for family members who weren’t present for your wedding ceremony and would like to see how special it was for you. And for those eloping couples who plan to throw a big party at home afterwards to celebrate their newly married life, including elopement videography services in your Blue Sky elopement package gives you a great memory to share with friends and family at your post-ceremony party.

Our elopement vendor partner videographers are true professionals. No wobbly hand-held cameras and shots of the sky (or ground!). We only accept professionals into our program–Uncle Phil who is great with his circa-1980 camcorder won’t cut it. Our elopement videographers have to be as committed to perfecting the art of the small wedding as we are.

We have longstanding relationships with each of our videographers, so we not only prescreen each videographer’s portfolio, but we also develop a personal relationship with each one of them. This helps us to best communicate what it is our couples are seeking in their wedding videos.

We only offer Professional Videography Services

We are sometimes asked if couples can have our videographers simply show up, mount a camera on a tripod and give them the raw footage without any editing services. This is not a service that we provide. Our videography services–like all of the services we include in our packages–are professionally handled from start to finish.

We understand that some couples will be content with an amateur video memento of their wedding day to show to family and friends. You are free to find someone who will do that for you, but because our commitment is to provide only professional wedding vendors, we are unable to incorporate that type of service into your elopement wedding package.

What’s Included in Our Elopement Videography Services?

Our standard elopement videography service includes the following:

  • One professional videographer for up to two hours of shooting
  • Mobile camera high definition
  • Option for second camera with a fixed position on tripod
  • Two mic setup (typically officiant and one member of the couple)
  • Minimum 7 minute highlight reel

Elopement in the California Redwoods

Elopement in the Colorado Mountains

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