Charlsie and Kira Get Married at Copeland Falls

By Maureen Thomson | Colorado Elopement

Feb 28
Charlsie and Kira get married at Copeland Falls

When Charlsie first contacted me and told me she and Kira wished to get married by a waterfall in Colorado--and wanted it as private as possible--not a lot of options sprang to mind. The thing about waterfalls, I explained, is that to get any semblance of privacy, you need to hike to them.

This didn't faze them a bit, so we went with Copeland Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. While it's not exactly remote, the walk to it is only about 10 minutes and we figured if we timed it right by having their ceremony on a weekday evening, we might be able to avoid the crowds.

​What we hadn't counted on was the rain. The silver lining in that was that it kept other folks away from the falls and with sufficient breaks in the clouds, we not only managed to give them a the private outdoor wedding ceremony they were seeking, but we even squeezed in a nibble of chocolate wedding cake as well! Without any guests to fuss with, the ladies were able to be flexible.

​But first...there was the walk through the woods in the rain!

hiking to copeland falls to be married
getting married at copeland falls requires a walk
Charlsie carries the flowers
almost there!

Did I mention they came prepared?

wedding hiking boots!

How many women could pull of looking this great in the rain????

rainy day brides
rmnp rainy day brides
beautiful brides

When the rain stopped, we moved into action--hiking boots came off and were replaced with heels and as they took off their raincoats, Charlsie and Kira appeared in two simple-but-elegant wedding dresses. (One long and one short!) 

copeland falls wedding ceremony
the vows
kira's vows
first kiss
wedding flowers
Charlsie's vows
just married!
in black and white

Charlsie and Kira carried matching bouquets in red to honor Kira's Chinese heritage.

wedding flowers
bouquets with rings

And when the rain started up again, the umbrellas came out--making for more wedding cuteness with these two.

under the umbrellas
kissing under the umbrellas

And the the rain stopped (Again! Can you tell it was a fickle weather day in Colorado?) we pulled out the cake!

cutting the cake
feeding each other cake
kissing by the creek
Copeland Falls