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 Questions About Our Elopement Vendor Partners

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 General Questions About Our Elopement Vendor Partners

What is an Elopement Vendor Partner (EVP)?

An EVP is a pre-screened wedding professional that partners with us to be a part of our elopement packages. EVPs include officiants, photographers, videographers, hair/makeup stylists and florists that specialize in offering their services to eloping couples. We line up, contract with, send payments to, and coordinate all of the EVPs that you want included in your package.

We only work with top-quality wedding professionals who are passionate about elopement weddings.

How does payment work? Do we pay each professional separately?

You pay us one fee and we dispense payment to our vendor partners. The only things you would pay to them directly would be any post-contractual upgrades (e.g. you decide to add an extra hour of photo-shooting or your mother wants her hair done at the last minute). And if you choose to give a gratuity to any vendors, that is of course at your discretion and should be paid to them directly.

Do we communicate to our vendors directly or must everything go through Blue Sky?

Once everyone signs the contract, you and your vendors will communicate directly about the aspects of their particular service. However, your assigned wedding coordinator will continue to communicate with each vendor around day-of-wedding logistics to ensure smooth sailing.

Who is responsible for the quality of the work provided by your elopement vendor partners?

Each vendor is an independent contractor and therefore responsible for the quality of their individual work.

Do I have to use your Elopement Vendor Partners for all of my services? What if I want to book a package with  you,  but provide my own photographer, officiant or flowers?

At minimum, our package must contain officiating and photography services. (Click here to see why.) You do not have to book any other services through us. However, we will not provide coordination services for outside vendors. If you book them on your own, then you'll need to oversee their services. For a truly stress-free and inclusive package that you don't have to fuss with, we advise that you book all services through us.

How does a wedding professional become a Blue Sky vendor partner?

We screen every professional that gets added to our list. Our elopement vendor partners must be passionate about elopement weddings (i.e. they are more than just "fillers" in between their "real" pearls, pumps and pantyhose ceremonies--that doesn't cut it with us!). They must also have sufficient past-client references and submit portfolios of their work for approval.

Once on board with us, our vendor partners must maintain excellent standards in terms of client communication (it must be timely) and client satisfaction in order to remain active as one of our partners. They must also demonstrate a willingness to work cooperatively with other Elopement Vendor Partners assigned to each event.


How come I am paying Blue Sky the entire package fee, but my elopement vendor partner is asking me to sign a separate contract with them?

Our elopement package contract has only the most general of provisions to cover you and our elopement vendor partners. When it comes to specifics, they know what needs to be addressed in their contracts that pertains to their particular service, so we ask that you sign their separate contracts as well. Also, since each vendor partner is responsible for the quality of their work (and your ultimate satisfaction), then it makes sense for each client to sign a separate agreement.

Can I choose my own elopement professionals?

Yes, but allowing us to assign your Elopement Vendor Partners allows us to keep costs down. However, if you prefer a specific EVP, then we'll do our best to accommodate you. So if you see a photo on our site and simply must have the photographer that shot it for your wedding, or you have a gender preference for your officiant, we'll do our best to make that happen. Assigning the closest available vendor (photographer, officiant, videographer, hair and makeup stylist, florist, etc.) will result in the lowest cost. If you prefer a professional who has to travel farther to access your site, that mileage and time will be reflected in the amount you pay for your package..

Photography Questions

Click here for more details on the photography services portion of our elopement packages.

Can I choose my photographer?

We're including this answer here even though it's answered in the above section, because many couples ask this one.

All of our photographers offer to-die for quality photos and customer service. Otherwise, they wouldn't be one of our Elopement Vendor Partners. So, if you're anxious that we're going to stick you with the new kid photographer on the block--don't be. That's not happening on our watch.

We'd like it if you'd trust us enough to know that the photographer we assign to your wedding will be the absolutely perfect fit. However, if you like the style of a particular photographer on our website (and that photographer serves the region where you're eloping) then we'll do our best to assign him/her. Just bear in mind that there may be a slightly higher fee if they're not the closest photographer to where you'll be getting married.

What photography services are included in my package?

The package starts off with one hour of shooting in one location and all of your edited images given to you either in an online gallery (such-as DropBox or SmugMug) or on a disk. Your photos will be high resolution and you'll have full usage rights (no watermark!).

How many photos will I get?

This is tough to estimate as it depends on many variables. Overall (and this is a ballpark estimate), you should figure on a minimum of 75 edited shots from a one-hour shoot. Most couples get far more than this.


Bear in mind that it's not all about the number of photos. You want a photographer who is calculated and intentional with their shooting as opposed to a "spray and pray" approach (the style of most amateur picture-takers) who snap away--hoping for one decent shot among the bunch. Bottom line on your photos? You want enough to tell your story and create memories that will last a lifetime!

We want to review the portfolios of several photographers before making a decision. Can we do that with you?

If you're not comfortable having us assign your photographer and want to review portfolios before deciding, you coordinator can assist you with this by sending you the portfolios of our photographers that serve the area where you will be getting married. A few things to bear in mind about this:

  • You would need to pay our nonrefundable retainer fee prior to receiving the portfolios. This amount will be applied to your package when you book.
  • There is no guarantee that your preferred photographer will be available on your date and time. We'll do our best!

Can I add extra hours of shooting or additional locations to the photography portion of my elopement package?

Abso-freaking-lutely! You can request that an extra hour or more be added to your package with us. Our maximum is two additional hours (three hours total).

Hair & Makeup Questions

Click here for more details on the hair/makeup services portion of our elopement packages.


Can I choose my own stylist?

If you have a preference, we'll do our best to honor it. But all of our stylists are fabulous. You'll get the lowest price and the same service from the stylist that is closest to where you'll be getting married.

Does the stylist come to me or do I have to go to the stylist?

We offer both options in most locations. Some brides like the convenience of having the stylist come to them. However, the lighting and seating are always much better in the salon. It also usually costs a little less if you go to the salon for services.

Can I get a trial run?

Yes, you can. However, that is not included in the base rate of our elopement package. Most of our brides come in from out of state to elope, so a pre-wedding-day trial isn't practical. But if you live in the area, plan to visit ahead of time, or will arrive several days before your wedding and want to schedule a trial, just let us know. You can either book it with us as part of your elopement package, or add it separately directly with your stylist.

What services are provided by the stylist?

Our package includes hair styling (you should have a general idea of what you want and pictures are always helpful), and full makeup and lashes in the style of your choosing. Basically, we'll make you as beYOOteefull as you want to be! Click here for details.

I'd rather do my own hair. Can I just get makeup services (or vice versa)?

Yes, but for only one service, you'd need to go into the salon. Our stylists don't make house calls unless it's the full package.

Floral Questions

Click here for more details on the flower portion of our elopement packages.

Can I choose my florist or type of bouquet?

We'll choose the fabulous florist (all the ones with whom we work are equally fabulous!). Our standard package comes with either 2 bouquets, 2 boutonnieres or 1 bouquet and 1 boutonniere. 

Bouquets - approximately 8-10" city-hall style hand tied bouquet in florist's choice of seasonal flowers in your color palate. 

Boutonnieres - in florist's choice of seasonal flowers in your color palate.

Bear in mind that we serve several areas of the country, so what's seasonal for one area may not be seasonal for another. If you want something other than our city-hall style bouquet/boutonniere, we'll quote you accordingly.

Is delivery included in my package price?

Yes, as long as the delivery address is in close proximity to your ceremony site. If it's not--don't worry about it. We can have the flowers delivered to your officiant or photographer and he/she will bring them along.

Can I send you photos of the bouquet that I want? Can I request a certain kind of flower?

We're happy to pass along any requests of this type to the florist. Bear in mind that if it is a large or ornate bouquet, the price will be higher. And if the flower is out of season, it may cost more to get it. Our florists are geniuses as selecting alternatives that are similar but easier to obtain, so we'll make it work for you.


Videography Questions

Click here for more details on the videography included in our elopement packages.

What's included in my video package?

Up to two hours of shooting (this can be in more than one location, but the travel time to get form place to place is included in the two-hour limit), a 3-5 minute highlight reel, mobile camera shooting in hi-definition, option for a second camera fixed on a tripod, 2-mic setup and all raw footage.

Why does video add so much to my package price?

Professional videography services are pricey due to the editing time involved.

The professional videography services are more than we need. Can you just have someone come out and shoot our ceremony and give us the unedited raw footage?

That's not a service that we offer. Our service model is based on providing you with professional services in your package. If you want something less than that, you'll need to arrange for that separately.

Officiant/Ceremony Questions

Click here for more details on the officiating services and ceremonies included in our elopement packages.


Can I choose my officiant?

While all of our officiants are true professionals, we get that it's important to click with the person that's facilitating your lifetime vows to one another. As with every other Elopement Vendor Partner, we generally assign the officiant that is closest to where you'll be getting married. But if you have a request for a specific officiant or type of officiant (young, old, male, female, Democrat or Republican--Hey! It's your wedding--we don't judge) just let us know and we'll try to accommodate.

What kind of ceremony does the officiant perform?

We offer five beautifully written ceremony scripts from which you can choose. You can listen to them here. These scripts range from nondenominational religious to civil and everywhere in between. We encourage you to insert your own vows into one of our scripts, or feel free to use the pre-written vows that we've included.

We think the ceremonies are perfect just as they are, but if you want to add additional components to the ceremony (such as a sand ceremony or unity candle ceremony) then you can do that for a nominal additional fee. Your officiant will also customize something totally for you if that is your preference. Just let us know.

We would like an officiant of a particular religious faith. Is this possible?

Our officiants will be happy to facilitate any of our pre-written elopement ceremonies or customize a script just for you. We do not, however, ask any of our officiants to hold any particular religious beliefs, nor do we assign them to a wedding based on their religious beliefs. All of our officiants are extremely respectful of the beliefs of each couple with whom they work, and they will be happy to perform whichever of the scripts you choose.

What about the Marriage License?

The two of you have to obtain your license as it is a government document that we can't issue ourselves. Your officiant will give you info on where to go, what to bring and how much it will cost. You'll bring the license along on your wedding day; the officiant will make sure it's completed correctly; then he or she will file it on your behalf. Note: you must get a license from a county clerk's office in the state where you're getting married--out of state licenses are not valid.

Did We Miss one?

If we haven't answered all your questions (or if you're just too busy to read this entire page), then simply fill out our Contact Form to get started on your elopement. We'll get back to you within one business day. Or, call us at 888-464-7712.

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